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100% American Made

High Speed Steel Blanks, Core Pins, Go - No Go Gages, Plug Gages, Punches, Guide Pins, Stainless Pins and Many Other Types of Materials.

We are a World Leading Manufacturer of Precision Ground Drill Blanks.The Material, Tolerances and Finishes are of the Highest Quality & Workmanship.


What makes CENCO GRINDING CORP. better than the Competition?

1.) Excellent quality & workmanship.

2.) 100% American made.

3.) American made raw H.S.S. bars.

4.) All blanks are abrasively cut to length.

5.) HSS blanks are heat treated to over 2200° in salt baths.

6.) Blanks are triple tempered for the longest possible life.

7.) All heat-treated blanks are straightened & stress relieved.

8.) All blanks have an 8 Micro finish or better.

9.) Standard blanks are shipped within 24 hours. Most non-standard orders are shipped within 48 hrs.

10.)The widest assortment of materials available such as high-speed steels, SS, tool steels, drill rods and many other types of material.

Cenco Grinding has been in business for over 30 years and is one of the leading drill blank manufacturers in the United States. Blanks produced by Cenco Grinding are made from the finest materials available and are second to none.
Tolerances of 0.0001 are held everyday
Finishes of 8 micro are standard.
Diameters range from 0.004" up to 3.500"
Lengths up to 60" for fully hardened blanks
Cenco Grinding Corp.
411 Business Park Lane
Allentown, PA.18109

Terms and Conditions

Phone: 610-434-5740
Fax: 610-434-7301